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The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step and you have taken the first step towards your next big goal.

After nearly 30 years of helping leaders and executives realize their fullest potential, I discovered that most often the single biggest thing that stands between where you are and where you want to be is not a lack of knowledge, drive, caring, or desire. The thing that most often gets in our way is us.

Did you know that most people spend their entire life trying to look good or at the very least trying not to look bad? Think about it for a minute. Think about how that limits you. It stops us in our tracks and consumes all our energy. Think about the last wedding you went to, one you attended as a guest. How much time did you spend figuring out what to wear or finding a new outfit? How long did you take getting ready? I am willing to bet both of those answers made you chuckle a bit when thinking about it. It may even be more than you care to admit and we won’t even talk about how much money you spent.

Now, I want you to think about the other people at the wedding for a minute. Think about each person sitting at your table. Without looking back at pictures, can you describe what each person was wearing? What they did with their hair? Most of us will only remember a few small facts about others, if any. Interesting, right? So that means that we spend hours finding the right outfit and getting ready for no one to really notice. That’s right, it doesn’t really matter. Yet, we are so afraid of looking bad in front of others that we do all of it anyway. The hard cold fact is that others don’t notice you just like you hardly noticed them. Why? Because everyone else is just as focused on trying to look good too.

Welcome to the new you …

This week, I would love for you to give yourself permission to simply stop caring so much about what others think of you. Simply do one thing and not let what anyone may think stop you. Let’s start with a super simple baby step towards changing this process.

Ready? Of course you are … or you wouldn’t be here. The next time you are in your car alone and you pull up to a stop light next to someone, reach over, turn up the music and have a dance party in your car. Right there, right in front of them, all by yourself. I’m not talking about singing that may only look like you are talking on your phone. I’m talking about a full-on dance party, hands waiving in the air to your favorite jam. It may feel awkward at first but trust me, it is freeing and only gets better from there.

Change starts with just one small thing. It is like a muscle and grows more as you use it. For some of us, it’s going to be really hard. Remember, my friend, the people that really matter in your life will never mind what you do, how you look or what you say. Those that do mind don’t matter to you anyway.

Let’s get started living a life you love! I would love to hear your story about you taking this first step. Drop me a note in the comments and let me know how much fun you had doing this.

Until next time, play on and soar, my friend. God Bless.

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