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Thank you, Tina Brandau! You are such an insightful expert and coach on leadership issues and were a HUGE help to me today on a critical team matter. If you need leadership coaching, I can not recommend her enough, you should call Tina – she is amazing.
Michelle H

I’m so thankful for Tina’s guidance and coaching. I’m so glad we met! I can’t believe how much I accomplished since I met her. She is amazing.
Brenda C

Being new to this role, I had been feeling so much like an outsider. I feel like Tina has seen me and helped me reach my goals. There is much work to be done yet but you have gotten me back in the game. I will work with Tina for years to come and so should you.
Cori S

Tina is a gift. We have come a LONG way, Thank You!! You have helped me to remember and celebrate everything we have done. Looking back over the things I have accomplished since working with you is shocking and so rewarding. Thank you for the continual encouragement and  coaching. Do not wait, sign up to work with Tina today.
Katrice D.

Tina is so gifted. She has helped me more than words can say. I am so blessed that our paths crossed and I have the opportunity to work with her 1:1. I am a client for life
Angie F.

Tina cares deeply about the success of her clients. She will be there to cheer you on, hold you accountable and celebrate your wins. She uses her amazing empathy, compassion, knowledge, and incredible coaching skills to help her clients succeed. She helped me get unstuck and launch my business.
Gina C

Tina is a truth teller, powerful motivator, a natural leader and coach. I was fortunate enough to be able to do both 1:1 coaching with her and take some of her group courses. Her course and group on Perfectionism was SO Great! I still refer back to my notes. I would highly recommend working with Tina if you want to grow. Working with her would be worth 100 x the price. I will continue to be a client and am huge fan.
Connie W

I absolutely love Tina’s true energy and how she helps everyone with high energy and confidence. She is magical in my eyes and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She helped me grow my business so fast, it’s been mind blowing.
Angela F

I love the way that Tina shows up. She helped me to feel seen and known. She chooses generosity and inspires others, including myself. Her style is direct and supportive and always focused on my success. She helped me map out my goals and get to work on meeting them. She is truly amazing and so effective. Worth her weight in gold.
Suzanne C

I was a part of one of Tina’s group programs. She was always so generous with her time, her patience unmatched. Her coaching was fantastic. There were a few times that people asked her directly for advice instead of coaching. She gladly shared. I have to say, I love her coaching but her advice was so, so good. She really opened my eyes to whole other set of possibilities. She is bright, experienced, and very talented. I learned quickly why so many people have been working with her for years. I am a client for life.
Ashley T

Tina has incredible strength and resiliency. She is straight-forward, powerful, confident, and strong all balanced with deep care about your success. Working with her, I have learned how to be more powerful, confident, and stronger than I knew I could. I expected to learn more about my business and make progress but I never expect to become a whole new me. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed. My business is back on track and is growing again. Sign up with Tina today, you will not be sorry.
Louise M

Tina Brandau is an outstanding coach and game changer for women looking to move outside their comfort zone and quiet their inner critic. Tina’s warm and witty coaching style uses the perfect mix of humor combined with supportive accountability, a dash of compassion, and some extra seasoning from her stories and experiences as an executive and coach to inspire you and most importantly move you into action. I have had many coaches throughout my executive career, Tina is the best. Run don’t walk to hire Tina as your coach.
Angela C

Tina is wonderfully honest and so talented. I could not appreciate her, her coaching, or talent more. She helped me work through several things with my company and brand that led to a huge pivot and new product line. Hire her today, you won’t be sorry.
Alexandra T

I have worked with Tina Brandau several times over the last many years. We first worked together more than 20 years ago when she helped me grow into my new role as a supervisor. I later relocated and lost contact for several years. When returning to Michigan as a C-suite executive, I reconnected with Tina. She was an exceptional coach to me in my new role. I am so thankful for her, you will be too.
Anne S

As a physician, we are often expected to have all of the answers and be exceptional always. Tina has come along side me as a coach, helping me to be a better healer and leader. She has helped me to map out my goals, uncover limiting beliefs, and build in accountability and supports. She makes it safe and supportive to be truly vulnerable. Her empathy, motivation, business knowledge and coaching skills are unsurpassed. If you want a coaching partner, hire her today.
Lacy B

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