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Why Choose Success Coaching Solutions?

It’s unique!

Practical Experience

I am not just a coach.  My real-world experience as an officer and business owner lends to a greater understanding, making all the difference. With decades of leadership, professional development, organizational behavior, business management, and coaching experience, I bring a depth of knowledge to every engagement. While I can offer advice and opinions founded in real-world experience, the strength is in helping you find your own solutions to your particular challenges.

Unique Journey and Life Lessons

I am not just a coach and an executive, I am also the survivor of a serious accident that resulted in years of hard-work and resiliency throughout my healing journey. The lessons learned during this journey provided me with amazing insights that I use in my coaching engagements.

Customized Coaching Plans

Every client has traveled a unique path to get where they are today. Family upbringing, education, career path, and corporate environment all play a role in where you are today. In our initial coaching plan, we will determine together the course of action and what will best support you to meet your needs given your unique circumstances. Not only that, but we will continue to adjust and update our plan as we work together to ensure you continue to get the most out of our engagement.

Meet Your Coach – Tina

Tina Brandau, Founder of Success Coaching Solutions

Tina is a thoughtful, solutions-focused, no-holds barred coach with a passion for leadership, professional, and personal development. She dives headfirst into helping clients solve challenges, uncover possibilities, and reframe thinking to capitalize on untapped potential and opportunities.

An intrinsic mentor and leader, she is a highly respected coach and facilitator working with both businesses and individuals. She reaps personal fulfillment by helping others tap into their inner excellence, helping them to discover new potential and possibilities to reach their goals.

Trained in business, human resources, and coaching, she has a unique 30 year background that provides her clients with a wealth of support. Her passions are in leadership development, professional and personal development, and behavioral research which provides her clients with unique advantages and insights.

As a results-focused executive, she has held a series of high impact positions including leading teams, leadership development and coaching, change management, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures as well as many corporate restructurings. She has also embedded her personal healing journey into her coaching adding elements of motivation and resiliency to every engagement. Tina has earned a reputation as a creative leader and coach who is equally as analytical as she is a visionary with a superior work ethic and an integrity-driven nature that motivates those that work with her.

She holds a degree in Business and is double certified. She is also a founding member and part-owner of three companies. Most importantly, she holds the role of “Mom” to two grown adults and “Wife” to her amazing husband of nearly 30 years.

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