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Tina Brandau, Founder of Success Coaching Solutions

How Can I Best Help You?

Over the past nearly three decades, my professional focus has been on human resource development specializing in 1:1 coaching and leadership development.

Throughout this time, I have helped countless people reach their career, professional, and personal goals. I also ended up on a challenging personal and professional development journey of my own that gave me deeper and unique insights that I share with my clients.

Please read on to learn more about how I can help you on your path to Success. I cannot wait to work with you!

Questions? Feel free to contact me! I’m happy to help!


C-Suite Coaching /
Business Owners

With experience as an officer and business owner myself, it is no secret that these roles can be isolating.  It is my role as your coach to provide an independent voice to help you quickly and confidently flush through ideas, problem-solve, and navigate the changing tides that come along with a stressful and demanding role.  Newly promoted c-suite leaders get the added benefit of acclimatizing more quickly to their new role and the changes that follow.

High Potential

New leaders are key to every organization’s success. Growing future leaders has been one of my greatest passions. I love working with ambitious and driven young staff and leaders as they strive towards success while developing their personal leadership style. I guide them as they seek to improve their effectiveness, build their leadership toolkit, support their team, and develop overall as a leader.


Working with entre/solopreneurs has been an awesome experience over the past several years. Combining my work experience and business background, I have been able to help many new business owners, just like you, find the courage and confidence to launch, grow their business ideas, and increase their value proposition. We work together to reach your coaching and business goals.

Just Like You

Helping individuals meet their professional goals is the root of where my coaching started. Decades later, working with individuals to meet their career and personal goals remains a passion of mine. Whether it be working 1:1, supporting individuals in a group setting, or offering online training and development programs, working with individuals remains a key focus of my work.


1:1 Coaching

Four – 45 Minutes of
1:1 Intensive Coaching

Define your goals and create an action plan
Overcome your most challenging pain points and take action towards your goals
Reach your goals and start Leading and Living the life you want, a Life You Love
Rinse and repeat!

2 Month Package

*** Extremely Limited
1:1 Packages Available ***

Price: $1,497

60 Minute Meeting with Tina

30 Minute Meeting with Tina

6 Week Group Program

Six – 60 Minutes of
Group Coaching

Working together as a group to help everyone move forward
Build community of other like-minded people
Holding some “hot seats” or “case studies” during the group at least 4 will take place during the course
Get you moving toward Leading and Living a Life You Love

This session will be done as a group. In order to get the most out of this program, we will openly discuss stuck points and work through action plans. Participants will learn from hearing the coaching of others, even if they do not have an opportunity to do a “hot seat.”

6 Week Group Program

*** Limited Capacity ***

Your commitment:
Group – 1 hour every week
for 6 weeks
Homework – 30 minutes to 1 hour between sessions

Price: $297

Join Private Community


Monthly private membership group with content, live Q&A sessions, and great community.

Do you feel like you are chasing your dream alone?
Do you want connection with other action-oriented women but are not ready to do a group or 1:1 coaching?
This could be the right option for you!

Join the private group where I will appear at least monthly for one live session. I will also do a Q&A sessions for the group where you drop your questions and I will pick 3 and answer them via video for the whole group. You will also have the community to bounce ideas off of as well. Join us there!  

As we are just launching this offering, founder pricing is being offered to you for the first month for just $27!

Regular monthly rate is $47.

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