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Leaders and Entrepreneurs face problem after problem every – single – day. Most of us never had a critical thinking or problem solving 101 class in college. Yet, we find ourselves needing these skills daily, hourly, or even minute-by-minute. We also never learned how to optimize our on-board super-computer or harness the brain power. Well, except for those who are neuroscientists.

After working with leaders at all level of organizations, being a senior executive / officer of large companies for decades, I have seen just about every problem you can imagine. Problems don’t just stop happening regardless how much we want them to but at least let’s stop calling them “problems”. They are situations, dilemmas, and issues. The words we use matter far more than most of us know and directly effect how we feel.

So, what does creativity and positive energy have to do with “problems” or situations?

Absolutely everything! In order to go from negative and exhausted at the end of your day, you need to start with just one simple change. Stop focusing on the situation (because you are not calling it a problem anymore, right?) . Focusing on the situation, floods your brain with stress chemicals and can trigger the fight, flight, or freeze response. Leaving you exhausted.

Instead, start focusing on the limitless myriad of solutions. As focusing on solutions becomes your natural response, you will notice that you start finding more and more creative solutions. It also increases your positive energy, releases feel good chemicals in your brain, and you end up less exhausted at the end of every day. Creative solutions and you feel better – it’s an all around win that starts with one simple change.

It takes practice. You have been solving “problems” for a long time. It will take a little while for you to not revert back to your old way of doing it automatically. Start today and let me know how much better you feel – and what an impact it has on your decision making and critical thinking. If you are like many of those I have coached, you just may find that what you even see as a problem or situation shrinks greatly too after just a short while.

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