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Where it all began ~

14 years ago today, I went for a run that would change my life forever. Never in a million years would I have guessed that it would be the last run of my life. I was badly inured and had to re-learn so much in life. As the trauma unit doctor told my husband, people have this type of injury but don’t survive to tell the story.

We all have hard things happen. We all have set-backs. We all have adversity. The good news is it doesn’t have to define you. Yes, my cognitive functioning was that of a young child, I had memory issues, and life as I knew it was just gone but I was alive and have come back a better version of me. I spent the next decade getting back to me. There are some key lessons from this whole “journey back to me and beyond” that are just as important in your life. My wish is that these simple but not easy steps will inspire you to live your life just 1% more fully each day (skipping the whole having your own accident to learn it part. 😉)

Simple but Not Easy Roadmap (or running path, pun intended)

  1. Slow down. Not unlike with running, when you slow down sometimes you actually get where you are going faster overall.
  2. Know where you really want to go not where your “supposed” to go. Most people don’t have a clear vision.
  3. Take the time to clearly define what you value. It becomes a guidepost for all decisions in your life, especially the really hard ones.
  4. Know “Why” you want to go wherever your vision is taking you. Really know your why. For all of my super logical friends – do a root causes analysis 7-10 layers deep.
  5. Create a plan and goals to be that 1% better per day.
  6. Take imperfect action.
  7. Build in accountability – it increases your chances of success significantly.
  8. Have the right AIM – Attitude, Integrity, and Mindset.

Each of these steps builds upon the previous. You may be thinking who has time to do all this?  Anyone who wants to live a full life. Anyone who is ready for a change. Anyone who wants more…

Why is this important?

Throughout my whole journey some truths continued to come up over and over again: (1) no one knows what the future holds; (2) tomorrow isn’t promised; (3) to get to where we really want to be we have to be willing to do things without a guarantee of the result; and (4) if I am unhappy or unfulfilled today and it is my last day on this earth then I will never be happy and fulfilled – and, that is just not an option. I hope it is not an option for you either…

Are you ready to get back to you and beyond too? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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