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Tina Brandau, Founder of Success Coaching Solutions

I have spent decades coaching people who are seeking a new career or a promotion, to improve their relationships, communication and interaction, or to meet another goal.

There are many reasons that organizations and people turn to coaches to help them met their goals. Many times the biggest obstacle holding us back from our goals are: (1) limiting ourselves, (2) blind spots and (3) feeling overwhelm that leaves us feeling stuck.

After coaching hundreds of people helping them on their personal and professional journey, I found myself on a unique and challenging journey of my own. That journey would teach me as much, if not more, about personal and professional development than all of my education and experience combined.

My Personal Journey

In 2007, I went for a run. The run was nothing special, the day just ordinary. It morphed quickly into spectacular and remarkable. While running, I was injured badly in what I now loving called “the Run of a Life Time.”

My brain suffered severe damage and my spine was badly injured. I lost my motor skills, balance, memory, coordination, and mobility. I lost the ability to function independently. The accident left me challenged to do even the most basic things in life. It knocked the “in” out of me, I became dependent.

In that split second, I found myself at the bottom of a very steep recovery journey. The next several years were spent working with the best doctors,  neurologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists to get back to any semblance of me.  In a matter of a minute, my life changed forever. Thankfully, with a lot of  hard work, I have healed and regained my functioning.  

My healing journey has provided me with amazing perspective. It highlighted many unique life lessons that I would have never otherwise experienced. All of which I am able to share with my clients. The process of relearning how to walk, talk, and function is far from easy but came with some of the best gifts I have been given. It has provided me with a truly unique lens to experience life through.

My coaching experience and my journey provides me the opportunity to share  unique views and insights with you. Helping you Lead and Live a Life You Love.  

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