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Hi, I’m Tina Brandau.

I am Tina Brandau, the Owner and Coach of Success Coaching Solutions. SO happy you are here. Let me ask you some questions. Do you think you ended up here by chance? I don’t. You were looking for something.

When is the right time to start living the life you really want? Wouldn’t that be right now? What is stopping you? All the excuses and reasons in the world will not move you closer to your goals. Each day that you don’t move forward, you are falling further behind. The time to start is now!

Whether you want to become a better leader, start your own business, communicate more effectively, become a better spouse, change careers or take that next step on the corporate ladder or in life, there is no better time to start than right now!

Why You Need a Coach?

Keeping Up
with Change

Change is the most certain thing in life. We all need to be continually evolving, changing, and growing. Coaching can help you do just that! Whether it is change in organizational structure, learning new skills, finding yourself suddenly living in a virtual world, or a whole series of other changes, coaching can help you find the best way to move forward.


You have ideas but are not putting them into action or lack traction. Everybody feels stuck sometimes. The difference is that some will move through it and others will let it bog them down. Whatever the reason or block, we will work together to break through them. Let’s work together to build a plan to keep you in motion towards your goals!

Want to

Even the very best in their fields have coaches to help them continually improve and level-up. Professional athletes and high power executives have coaches. There is always another goal or mountain. I’ll use coaching techniques to help you fully capitalize on your strengths, helping you find strategies to address your challenges and move forward with confidence.


New to leadership? Congratulations! You’ve been promoted. Now what? This is the perfect time to engage in professional development and coaching. Coaching will help you make this next step. With decades of real-world executive leadership and coaching experience, we will work together to build a coaching program to best support you in your new role.


Sometimes you just want to hear from someone who’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and the hat. With decades of real-world executive leadership and practical first-hand experience, you are provided unique access to insights, knowledge, and coaching skills blended together with your own knowledge and experience to find the best solution for you.


Sometimes you are simply looking for coaching support in one area or topic. Our engagements can be tailored to group programs for topics such as communication, customer service, leadership development, personal development, goal setting, perfectionism, and many others. Contact me for details on group offerings.

Who I Serve

C-Suite Coaching/ Business Owners

It is no secret that holding a senior leadership role can be isolating. How will you adapt?

High Potential Leaders

New leaders are key to every organization’s success. How will you build and support your team?


Find courage and confidence to launch and grow your business ideas and go to market strategy.


Helping individuals meet their goals is the root of where my coaching started and remains a key service.

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